Australians Living the Covid New World Order Nightmare

Did You Know

Good on Sky News for getting this out there.

This is appalling. Billions of us have said many things. And if we want to stand up for our rights then, that is what we do. We have the right to be free.

Hello World Australians need our help.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

This could be everyone, on the planet, if we don’t all stand up for our freedoms.

Are there no world leaders who can stand against this kind of tyranny?

Oh right many of them are doing the very same thing.

This is what insanity looks like.

The Police should be ashamed of themselves. Talk about going after, extremely petty garbage.

They are now stalking people online as well. Only abusive people do things like that.

So the police are now abusive stalkers.

Maybe they and Andrews should be flushing themselves down the toilet.

They all should feel…

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Stories that I had not had time to cover properly

vulture of critique

Apparently some of the Yellow Jackets of France support Q:

Q wrote:


News stations have reported that armored vehicles with European Union insignia are attacking French people.

Other discontented people rallied in the UK:

Some people dislike the yellow jackets:

Gilets Jaunes’ List of Demands


  • A constitutional cap on taxes – at 25%
  • Increase of 40% in the basic pension and social welfare
  • Increase hiring in public sector to re-establish public services
  • Massive construction projects to house 5 million homeless, and severe penalties for mayors/prefectures that leave people on the streets
  • Break up the ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks, re-separate regular banking from investment banking
  • Cancel debts accrued through usurious rates of interest


  • Constitutional amendments to protect the people’s interests, including binding referenda
  • The barring of lobby groups and vested interests from political decision-making
  • Frexit: Leave the…

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Support NatSoc 1938

Do you remember the state of Germany and the German people in the days before the aged Reich President von Hindenburg chose Adolf Hitler and his party as the last hope of saving Germany from certain political, social and economic collapse that would lead to chaos? Tens of thousands of factories had closed their gates. Millions of workers and employees lost their jobs and were thrown ruthlessly into the gray misery of mass unemployment. There
seemed no way out. In 1932 our cold-hearted enemy, the Frenchman Clemenceau, said that there were 20 million Germans too many. He seemed to be speaking the terrible truth. There were 7 million unemployed in Germany on the day Adolf Hitler left the Presidential Palace as chancellor of the German people. A third of all working Germans, 21.5 million people including their families, depended on meager public assistance and spent their time without hope of escaping their misery.
Eliminating mass unemployment was the Führer’s first task. He called on the entire German nation to begin a massive battle of work, the success of which is visible to us all today.
By the end of 1933, 2 million citizens had jobs again. By September 1936, the number of unemployed had fallen beneath a million. By 1937 unemployment had vanished. Now the problem was a shortage of workers for the tasks at hand. A shortage of jobs became a shortage of workers! Only 11.5 million Germans had jobs in January 1933. By the spring of 1937, the number had risen to 17.5 million, and by last fall it had risen to 20.1 million. The Reich Labor Front had to be called in to help with the harvest, since workers were lacking. Thanks to the Führer’s rapid and energetic actions, the entire German people is at work creating things that will be immortal.
One of the foundations of National Socialism is the knowledge that only work creates value and prosperity. The well-earned pay envelope has replaced the demeaning dole. Short hours today do not reduce income. Countless workers have risen from the ranks of the lowest paid to well paid
craftsmen. Workers and employees, but also the entire German people, including farmers, businessmen, craftsmen and industrial workers, all of us five years ago were unsure if our income would be enough for our daily needs. We thank the Führer today for guaranteeing our income! The national income in 1932 was 45.2 billion marks. It has grown steadily since than, reaching a level of 68 billion marks in 1937. The entire national income has increased by about 23 billion marks, almost as high as the total of 26 billion marks in wages from 1932. In 1937, wages were 38 billion marks. The income of the German worker has risen by 70%.
The absolute size of income does not by itself give a proper picture of our growing prosperity. Everyone knows from experience that it is less a question of how much one brings home, rather what one can buy. During the great inflation, we got more money but became poorer. We remember when the unions raised wages through constant strikes, etc., that reduced production. It did no one any good that workers received more than 42 billion marks in 1928, since production did not keep up with income. Goods were scarcer than money, and the result was inflation that required still more pay increases. A spiral of wage and price increases resulted, with wages falling steadily behind.
The increase in income since 1933 is different than the false prosperity of the past. Prices have been kept stable, production has greatly increased and speculation has been ruthlessly suppressed, with the result that the increase in income has meant a real increase in purchasing power.
It is no descent into materialism to welcome an increase in prosperity. A people can grow only when its prosperity is assured. That is the Führer’s true goal. When gray misery was the regular guest at the table of most workers, they lacked the courage to begin a family and raise healthy children. A decline in population threatened us in 1932. The birth rate had fallen so low that there was a danger that the death rate, increased through countless desperate suicides, would surpass it.
The unlimited confidence of the German people in their Führer is shown by the fact that even in 1933 numerous citizens found the courage to begin the family they had long postponed. The number of marriages reached record heights. There were 122,000 more marriages in 1933 than in the year before. !934 showed the tremendous success in reducing unemployment. 223,000 more young German men took brides than in 1932. 6,521,400 men and women were married between 1933 and 1937. Nearly 460,000 more families began than in the five years before the National Socialist takeover. That is probably the best proof of the absolute confidence the German people have in the Führer’s policies and in the future of the Reich. The Führer’s main concern is for healthy growth by the German people. That is why he implemented marriage loans of as much as 1000 marks as early as 1933, which are repayable in easy installments. A quarter of the loan is forgiven at the birth of each child. About half of all couples took advantage of these generous loans in 1933. Improvements in the economy were such that only a fifth needed them in 1934. In the past five years, 878,000 loans were made, and reduced as the result of the birth of 708,000 children.
The total number of births far exceeded that figure. The best evidence for the inner rebirth of our people is that the desire to have children has risen strongly, and that more and more have realized that the future of the German people depends on a large number of healthy children.
But not only the dreadful misery before 1933 reduced the desire of countless Germans to have children. Crass egotism and materialism also played a role. The System Era saw having children as foolish and backward. The transformation that has occurred is clear in the rising German birth rate. In 1932, only 993,000 children were born. Around 6 million were born between 1933 and 1937. The growth resulted in nearly 1.26 million additional children, about the population of the third largest German city, Hamburg!
But more than the birth rate gives us the right to look with pride and confidence to the future. More important still is that these children are growing up healthy, strong and cheerful. The spread of inherited diseases and inferior offspring, which are a heavy burden for the healthy, has been hindered. But everything possible is being done in the new Germany to raise a strong generation. The National Socialist state gives major tax reductions to fathers for each child. Families with three or more children receive payments of 10 and 20 marks monthly. By the end of 1937, 510,000 children were receiving such support. A new law goes into force on 1 April 1938. The previous income boundary of 2400 marks will be abolished, and all insured citizens will be eligible for the payments. The result will certainly be another significant increase in the number of children receiving such support.
The concern for the future of our people goes even further. The NS People’s Welfare organization has established the aid program “Mother and Child,” which has no equal anywhere in the world.
12,000 kindergarten teachers, day care workers and nurses care for 550,000 pregnant women and new mothers. On average, 115,000 children are fed each month, 405,000 children will have had a vacation by the end of 1937 at an NSV establishment and an additional 1.4 million will spend time in the country. If these 1,900,000 children were lined up in rows of twelve, they would reach from Berlin to Leipzig.
In gratitude to the high obligation German mothers fulfill in having healthy children, the “Mother and Child” organization establishes kindergartens to care for countless children while their mothers are at work. It also ensures well-earned rest for mothers. By the end of 1937, 252,000 mothers had received free vacations.
The System Era knew how to praise its social policies, even though they had no goal. National Socialist Germany has policies that will result in a better future. They are supplemented by the work of the Hitler Youth. On the fourth anniversary of the seizure of power, the Reich Youth Leader announced that 7 1/2 million German boys and girls had found their place in the HJ. Over 30,000 doctors cared for their health, sports facilities provided for their physical growth and free time, and special courses provided worldview education. Along with the DAF, the HJ uses the growing National Occupational Contests for the occupational training of the German youth, which will serve them well later in life.
The social policies for working Germans are of a size that casts shame on the dole policies of the Weimar Republic. The crowning achievement is the Führer’s Winterhilfswerk of the German people. This is a truly socialist enterprise that has no equal among the richest nations of the world. The whole German nation undertakes a common fight against hunger and cold.
The Winterhilfswerk is the most beautiful expression of the new German people’s community. It is not the work of a small group of rich people. No, each German, all of us, rich and poor, manual laborers, farmers, and city-dwellers cooperate in fulfilling the Führer’s will: No German may be hungry or cold!
One does not know whom to admire more: the cheerful willingness of those who collect, or the rising amount of the gifts, to which even the poorest contribute their share. The success of the Winterhilfswerk, written permanently into the law of 1 December 1936, demonstrates the efforts of the entire German nation. Gifts of money alone totaled over 920 million marks during the four winters from 1933/34 to 1936/37. An additional 570 million marks of goods were contributed. 50,000 freight cars alone would have been needed for the potatoes contributed in the past years. The three million meters of clothing given out by the WHW would stretch from Berlin to the Middle East. The two million kilograms of coal would form a wall ten meters high around all of Germany. These few examples, and more could be given, prove the strength of the German people’s will to be active socialists
But that is not enough. The social laws in National Socialist Germany have reached extent never even dreamed of by the alleged “socialist” parties. The retirement system was near collapse in January 1933 now has reserves of six billion marks, making pensions for all working Germans secure. The Führer personally ordered a generous canceling of all debts that many citizens had acquired by receiving public support, which would have reduced their income for many years to come. One social measure after another over the past five years proves that National Socialist Germany has practiced a socialism of action.
Another sign of this socialism is the entirely different status of the German worker in factories. The social honor of each working German is guaranteed by law. The state’s representatives ensure that exploiting workers is impossible. The legal working conditions correspond to National Socialism’s high opinion of work. Workers have a right to a vacation and for paid holidays, even hourly and temporary workers. There is nothing like this elsewhere in the world.
The dignity of labor is evidenced by improvements in the appearance of the work place. Wherever one looks in Germany, ugly dark buildings are vanishing. The “Beauty of Labor” movement in today’s Germany is not empty talk or an impossible demand, but living reality. Large sums that formerly would have been wasted in strikes and lockouts have been used since 1933 to improve work places. 23,000 places have been transformed form soulless drudgery to pleasant places to work. 6,000 factory courtyards now offer space for real relaxation, which was not true in the past. 17,000 canteens and lounges, 13,000 shower and changing rooms have been transformed. The dirtier the work, the cleaner the workers. More than 800 community buildings and 1200 sport facilities , including over 200 swimming pools, have been established. The crew quarters in over 3500 ships have also been improved.
The NS Society Kraft durch Freude brings cheer and pleasure to workplaces through concerts and art exhibits. The art exhibits alone introduced more than 2,5 million workers to the creations of true German art. Just five years ago, it was obvious that the great works of German culture belonged to a small group of the upper class. Besides the factory concerns and art exhibitions, the NS Society Kraft durch Freude uses theatrical performances, other concerts, singing and musical groups to introduce the creations of German art to every working German. 22 million citizens have attended theatrical performances, 5.6 million the KdF concerns, and 17 million have found relaxation in more than 40,000 cabaret and variety performances, gaining thereby new strength for their daily work.
Of no less importance is the KdF’s vacation program. Earlier, German workers did not know what to do with their, at best, five days of annual vacation. They could not visit the beauties of the German landscape, much less travel abroad. The NS Society Kraft durch Freude gave German workers the possibility of vacationing at the beach or in the mountains, or to explore the homeland. Over 20 million have participated in KdF trips since 1934. That is more than a quarter of Germany’s population. 19 million citizens participated in 60,000 vacation trips at home. Hand to hand, they would stretch from Berlin to Tokyo. KdF trains have traveled 2,160,000 kilometers, or 54 times around the world. The nine large KdF cruise ships have covered a distance equal to twice the distance from the earth to the moon. They have carried German workers to Madeira, Italy, and Norway, broadening their horizons and giving them unforgettable experiences. Three additional ships will be added the KdF’s own fleet of four. A KdF resort is being built on the island of Rügen. It will not be the only one. A series of other vacation and spa resorts will be built. They will fulfill the Führer’s wishes at the start of the NS Society Kraft durch Freude: to lead a cheerful, creative and strong people to success in the world.
The goal of bringing German culture to the entire German people, regardless of their income, is especially clear with the German radio. Thanks to the people’s radio set, a solid, inexpensive, and capable receiver, the number of radio listeners has risen from around 4 million in 1932 to 9.1 million today. The un-German programming of the System Era has been transformed by National Socialism. Now radio acquaints the German people with the work of their great masters of music and literature. Alongside these artistic programs, the entertaining programming provides for the relaxation of hard-working people.
Clear proof for the rising prosperity of the German people is provided by the growing consumption of foodstuffs and luxury items of every variety. During the prewar year 1913, only a little more than 2.9 million tons of meat were consumed. In 1937, that figure had risen to 3.7 million, up about 5% from 1932. Thanks to the elimination of unemployment, bread consumption increased by about 10%, sugar by 15%. Butter consumption rose from 420,000 to 519,000 tons. Milk production, both for drinking and for making butter and cheese, rose from 23.5 to 25.4 billion liters from 1932 to 1937. Coffee consumption rose from 104,000 to 140,000 tons. Beer consumption has risen from 3.3 to 4.4 billion liters. That is an increase of about 3 billion glasses of beer.
The rise in consumption of luxury items is clear proof of our nation’s growing prosperity. Wine consumption rose from 232.4 million to more than 450 million liters. Many citizens for whom wine was formerly an impossible luxury can now afford a glass of wine. German wine makers have been freed from worries of overproduction. Tobacco consumption, too, has risen from 5.5 billion cigars and 31.3 billion cigarettes to 8.8 billion and 41 billion respectively.
The growing prosperity and rising consumption of foodstuffs and luxury items required hard work. A people can only consume what it produces. In the face of this obvious truth, which however only became clear to us after 1933, all the parliamentary resolutions, all the decisions of international conferences and the demands of the international unions become silly talk. The German people have proved that by our own work. Germany has worked untiringly since 1933, producing itself the goods it needs to improve its standard of living.
The rising production in all areas, which has never before been seen, is the fruit of our work. The foundation of our life is agriculture, whose task is to guarantee that the nation is fed. When the Führer took power, agriculture was in a ruinous state. Officers of the court were regular visitors at German farms. The animals and the harvest were seized ruthlessly because taxes and interests had risen to impossible levels that German soil could not meet. Forced auctions drove tens of thousands of German farmers from their land. Desperation prevailed in the villages. As a result of the desperate situation, agriculture could not ensure the feeding of the German nation. The ghost of hunger threatened.
Here too the Führer set to work immediately. Interest and taxes were lowered, and German soil was freed from usurious capital. Between 1927 and 1931 German agricultural debt rose by 2,9 billion marks. From 1933 to 1936 it fell by 800 million marks. The interest burden, which was over a billion marks in 1931/32, was reduced by National Socialist actions to 630 million marks. The crowning achievement was the creation of the Reich Inherited Farm Law, which guaranteed that the German family farm will always remain the wellspring of the nation.
Farmers owe the Führer their deepest thanks for rescuing them from the depths of despair. Their growing income also resulted in new jobs, giving the city population not only food, but work. In 1932 farmers spent only 160 million marks for new construction and 203 million for repairs. In 1933 these figures rose to 186 and 217 million marks respectively. The figures had reached 481 million by 1937. Farmers could afford only 138 million marks for machinery and equipment in 1932. Growing agricultural prosperity allowed them to buy three times as much in 1937 to modernize their farms, 395 million marks. Despite substantial decreases in price for fertilizers, expenditures for them rose from 180 to 700 million marks. The city dwellers had to make some sacrifices to bring German agriculture back from the abyss, but the German farmer is now doing his part to strengthen the German economy through his increased need for construction, industrial products, and craft work.
On the other hand, the value of agricultural production has rising between 1932 and 1937 from 8.7 billion to over 12 billion marks. Even more encouraging, food imports have deceased significantly even though consumption has increased.
Animal production reached a level previously not thought possible. In the last fiscal year, 500 million more eggs, nearly 4 billion liters of milk and 1.2 million more quintals of meat were produced compared to the averages for 1928 to 1932. The Führer’s agricultural policies have led to a decline in German agricultural imports from 25% to 19% of our consumption. We are now much closer to agricultural independence, and more secure from poor harvests or speculative machinations in other countries.
Land used for oil fruits, flax, hemp, hoed crops, and animal feed has increased significantly. Effective use of fertilizers has led to a large increase in fiber plant crops, which has eliminated the need to import them. To increase production even more, 73 flax production facilities are being added to the existing 22.
A program of improving land and winning new land was started in 1933. It has made a major contribution to the increase in agricultural production. Large sections of productive land were won from the sea in Schleswig-Holstein, which offers a secure future for numerous German farming families and farmer’s sons. Wasteland and moors have been transformed into cultivable land. The System government spent only 298 million marks during its last four years on German soil. The National Socialist government, on the other hand, spent 1.30 billion marks during its first four years to expand German agricultural land. The result has been an increase in land of 300,000 hectares, an area six times as large as the Bodensee.
Besides winning new land and guaranteeing the security of German farms, new farms have been created. The new farms established during the System Era [1919-1933] were not large enough to support a family. The average size of new farms today, on the contrary, is sufficiently large to provide a secure existence for the new settlers. National Socialist policies have allowed 75,000 German citizens, mostly racially valuable form workers and sons of farmers, to find room for healthy growth on nearly 300,000 hectares of land. The Reich has also made large sums available to build worthy housing for agricultural workers. German farm workers have healthy, decent housing for a monthly rent of only 12 to 14 marks.
Just as for farmers and agricultural workers, the urban population is also being cared for. Although more than enough willing and able workers were available in 1932, and although the housing need was certainly great, the government put workers on the dole and built only 141,265 dwellings. This was an area in which the need for new jobs was particularly clear. Even in 1933, the number of new dwellings rose to 178,000, with particular attention being given to small and mid-sized units for those with limited incomes. This number grew year by year, reaching 340,000 dwellings in 1937, double the number of 1932. In all, National Socialist has built more than 1.4 million new, and above all healthy and affordable, dwellings for the German people since 1933. This is enough to house the entire population of Berlin.
As the result of energetic construction, also encouraged by many major new construction projects for the state and party, the total production of the construction industry has risen from 37.8 billion marks in 1932 to more than 75 billion marks in 1937.
The German money supply, everything from thousand mark notes to copper pennies, would have to be increased by a factor of ten were we to pay for it all in cash. Rather than speaking of money, however, we prefer to speak of accomplishment. The Western European democracies can also talk about enormous increases in the circulation of money, as the Führer pointed out in his speech to the Reichstag on 20 February 1938. In Germany, however, the amount of money in circulation has risen only slightly despite growing production, while the Western European democracies have only strikes and falling production to show for their increase in money in circulation. Conflict between wages and prices is the result in these nations, and the terrors of inflation loom.
Growing prosperity and production led to a growth in traffic. The entirely neglected German highway system had to be repaired and expanded. 40,000 kilometers of highway have been repaired since 1933. That is enough to go all the way around the world! Then there are the Reich Autobahns, the most splendid construction project in the world. 2,000 kilometers were open to traffic by the end of 1937. 1,000 kilometers more will be added yearly, until Germany has a highway network unique in all the world.
Automobile production has reached a level that no one would have thought possible a few years ago.
The number of motor vehicles in Germany has doubled, exceeding the 3 million mark in 1937. Thanks to the growing prosperity, broad circles of our nation can now afford a car. 137,141 of the new vehicles in 1937, well over half, were purchased by workers and employees. 30,015 workers and employees were able to buy a car the previous year. Cars are becoming both better and cheaper. The increase in cars will be even more striking when the Volkswagen comes on the market. Enormous factories are even now being built. The best proof for the quality and good pricing of German cars is the fact that automobile exports have increased by a factor of eight since 1932!
It is not possible here to list the enormous growth in every area of production. There is no branch of industry that has not grown by factors of two to ten. We will restrict our discussion to two critical modern industries: coal mining and steel. Before 1932, coal production was greatly decreasing. Despite that fact, coal was piling up at the mines, with no hope of putting it to use in industry. Now consumption has greatly increased, and coal is also being used to produce the new substitute materials required by the Four Year Plan. The German mining industry can look forward to an assured future.
Despite the claim that Germany is poor in iron ore, mining of this important material for the iron and steel industries rose from 1.3 million tons in 1932 to 9.6 million tons last year. By 1940, the figure will reach about 20 million tons. The Reich Hermann Göring Factory will add an additional 21 million tons by then. This 40-50 million tons will give the German iron and steel industries a secure foundation that earlier experts thought impossible.
The expansion of raw material production has received a significant boost by the return of Austria to the Reich. Austria has rich reserves of copper, lead, graphite, etc. It leads the world in magnesium production. The iron ore mines, now incorporated into the Four Year Plan, are of particular significance to German iron and steel production.
German steel production in 1933 was 9.7 million tons. After five years of hard work, this figure has more than doubled. It will reach 21 million tons in 1938. That will make Germany the second leading steel producer in the world, second only to the United States. If one were to export this enormous among of steel, one would have to fill every German ocean-going ship more than ten times.
The unprecedented revival of economic health has naturally affected the transportation industry. On land, water and in the air it has grown greatly. Since 56 million tons of additional goods are being produced, a major expansion of the German river and canal transportation system is planned. This will improve the already thick network of domestic German water transport. Shipping has also increased significantly. The ship cemeteries once found in German harbors have vanished. At the same time, we have rejuvenated our merchant fleet. One ship after another is being launched from our shipyards, proving to the world the quality of German workmanship and engineering. Before the takeover, only 22,000 tons were under construction. By 1937, 370,000 tons were under construction for German firms, and 350,000 for foreign customers! Another 400,000 tons of orders were waiting. These figures do not even include naval construction. The number of orders corresponds to Denmark’s entire merchant fleet.
Developments with the railroad are equally as impressive. Increasing competition with trucking has given a remarkable spur to the railroad system. The speed of rail transportation has increased. Modern passenger trains with every convenience attain speeds undreamed of only a few years ago. The Reichsbahn has nearly doubled its business since 1932.
The German airlines have won a world reputation in recent years, the result of their reliability and speed. The number of passengers has nearly tripled since 1932. 326,000 domestic and foreign passengers flew on German aircraft in 1937. The air network is being expanded. The length of the air mail routes alone has increased during five years of National Socialism from 31,000 to 62,000 kilometers, with a yearly increase in kilometers flown from 9 to 18 million kilometers.
The great improvements in the German transportation system have resulted in a growing stream of foreign visitors. The pulsing life in Germany is drawing more and more visitors to the Third Reich. The number of overnights by foreigners has risen from 2.7 million in 1932 is far above 7 million in 1937. These foreigners, who often come to Germany with false ideas, see with their own eyes the work of the Führer and the remarkable efforts of the German people. They return home as the best witnesses of the greatness and strength of the German Reich.
These accomplishments and successes are only a part of the great economic, social, and cultural achievements of the past five years. But they are cast into the shadows by the political accomplishments of this most eventful period in German history. Every last German today knows that Germany’s reconstruction, in which each of us participated, was only possible because the Führer brought together all the strength of the nation in pursuit of a single goal: To make Germany free and strong!
The Führer has repeatedly reminded the German people that strong policies are the absolute prerequisite to our economic, social and cultural health. Only intentional hostility and stupidity can still deny that the Führer was right in every respect.
Worried souls prophesied disaster when Germany withdrew from the League of Nations on 21 October 1933. Today the complete insignificance and impotence of the Geneva League is clear to all. The Führer has replaced the system of “collective security,” which never did anyone any good, with direct negotiations between leaders and states. The naval accord with England, the German- Japanese-Italian Anti-Comintern Pact, which dealt a devastating blow to World Bolshevism, and the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis are today the strongest guarantee of European peace. They are persuasive proof of the correctness of German peace policy.
With great joy and thanksgiving, Germany celebrated the powerful referendum victory in the Saar on 13 January 1935. It was easy for our German brothers to decide to return to a united and strong Reich instead of an impotent and fragmented one. Step by step, calmly and with assurance, the Führer went his way. He tore up the shameful treaties of Versailles and St. Germain, erasing forever from German history the shame of the war guilt lie. Jubilation without precedent ran through Germany on 16 March 1935, as the Führer re-armed Germany by introducing universal military service. For 17 long years we were a defenseless nation, a nation without honor. Now our borders and our accomplishments are protected by a strong people’s army, a strong air force guards the Homeland, a fleet guards our commerce. Our brothers abroad are proud witnesses to a national will that preserves the honor and the existence of the nation. Less than a year has passed since German soldiers marched into the demilitarized Rhineland on 7 March 1936, to the indescribable jubilation of the population. German rivers, the German railroad, and the German Reich Bank are free from all the tricks of demeaning international control.
And now the Führer has fulfilled the ancient longing of all Germans. A Reich of 75 million Germans now exists. People joined people. Words are not enough to express what each of us feels who is of good heart and will. We all know one thing: this wonderful rise is solely the result of our Führer’s efforts. He believed unshakably in the strength of his people. He brought an inexhaustible national strength to life. He gave back to entire people its belief in itself.
The disgrace of Versailles is abolished,
Germany is free and strong, great and united.
Has a leader ever done more for his people?
With warm hearts and unshakable loyalty, we want to stand with the Führer. He has done everything for us, giving us his faith and his strength, his days and his nights. The Führer gave us the great blessing of a united, strong respected German Reich. We want to thank him on election day. Our “Yes” is the oath of 75 million German people who are moved to their depths:
One People, One Reich, One Führer! On 10 April 1938, all Germans will say

Comment by Nina Jones: This is from a National Socialist pamphlet that circulated before the 1938 election, which included Austria too… a referendum that asked one simple question, whether the people would support the idea of a single list of National Socialists to fill every member position of the Reichstag, to which there were more than 800… 99.5% of the German people came out to vote and 98.9% of them, voted “Yes.”
A similar result occurred in Austria, with 99.71% of the Austrian people joining in, where 99.73% of them voting “Yes” as well.

Swastika Plate 5000 BC is a Model of the Milky Way

Science and Religion Reconciled with a little help from my friends

SS SWASTIKA Solar System

I do wish I could find the source of this image
which appears to be a depiction of the movement of our solar system
shared with me on FaKebook November 8th, 2015
The reasons will soon become apparent

UPDATE March 29, 2015

It has only been 9 days since my last update.
Today’s update is a good one, it is indicative of an awakening consciousness.

But clearly the Russian artist Mikhail Sadovnikov who gives us a demonstration of clay and the pottery wheel, has not really invented anything new at all as this blog will illustrate.

What this youtube video in fact helps to prove is that certain archetypes are both eternal and infernal.

I ponder the link between being mesmerized and a collective hypnosis or CULTural trance everybody agrees to agree on without saying a word.
Continue reading to see how genius and crazy co-exist.

UPDATEMarch 20, 2015

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https://w Israel did 911, all the proof in the world. Christopher Bollyn 911 Israel behind Christopher Bollyn with CNN. Christopher Bollyn 2014. Former CIA agent’s message. Christopher Bollyn Chertoff Christopher Bollyn Solving 911 Chap. 3. Christopher Bollyn Solving 911 Chap. 4 Terror Drills that became Real. Christopher Bollyn Solving 911 Chap. 6 Florida Connection. Victor Thorn 911. Daryl Bradford Smith on 911 ul 7/07. 911 Building 6, 5 min vid. Anatomy of great deception.
https://w 16 Disturbing 911 facts, pt. 3.
Christopher Bollyn rahm Emanuel Susan Lindauer Brother Nathaniel 911. Dr. Alan Sabrosky 911. Ken O’Keefe on 911. 911 Witness David Long. 911 Missing Links, Israel behind.… Barbara Honegger. Gweneth Todd. Cynthia McKinney. Cynthia McKinney Brandon Martinez on Cultural Marxism & BRICS Psyops. OF SATAN Full documentary 1878 2006 by A C Hitchcock Al Franken 9/11 The Jew Call part 2 Victor Thorn 911 (Victor Thorn was murdered.) Dr Rima Laibow Michael Collins Piper on JFK. ( Michael Collins Piper was murdered.)
• Jeff Gates on Red Ice-How Israel Lobby took control of the US.
• Michael Collins Piper on JFK & Israel. 911 Truth will annihilate Israel. 911 Missing links. 911 Missing links Full. Eustace Mullins on 911. Eustace Mullins-Not for the Immature, the Anti-Christ will rule the New World Order. David Rockefeller 911 April 3, 1967. Deborah Tavares Climate Action Plan, who’s running America. Texe Marrs – Rothschild Dynasty and its ultimate plans for Israel & Earth. Project for the New American Century. Zionist Jews did 911. 911 Arch of Titus. Finally 911 Truth.… Andrew Hitchcock. Daryl Bradford Smith’s site.…/must-watch-ken-okeefe…/ Ken Okeefe. True Controllers of the Middle East Lyndon LaRouche.… New World Order Exposed. Right on the Money, folding US Currency. James Traficant’s last speech.  ADL – 100 Years of Hate Alex Linder.  The Anti-defamation League by Dr. William Luther Pierce.  Remember What Happened To Anwar Sadat by Dr. William Luther Pierce. Daryl Bradford Smith & Mohamed Rafeeq The Nameless War.…/video-jan-alex-discuss-audio-…/ David Icke with Filip Karinja 2016. David Rockefeller 1967 magazine cover 911.… Ole Dammegard False Flag. Daryl Bradford Smith on Paris/Rothschilds. Jim Fetzer & Red Ice Sandy Hook. Red Ice Radio, ‪March 2‬, 2016.Palmgren: “Brandon Martinez – Neocon Globalism & Kalergi’s Plan to Genocide Europeans Sandy Hook Wolfgang Halbig Sofia Smallstone Sandy Hook in 2,3,4,5 Dimensions (DHS drill). Sofia Smallstone Unraveling Sandy Hook. Wolfgang Halbig v Sandy Hook FOI Commission 4/24/15. Wolfgang Halbig/Richie Allen Sandy Hook. Prof. Jim Fetzer & Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hook. Prof. Jim Fetzer with Red Ice Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Prof. Jim Fetzer Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. David Icke on Conspiracy Theories.… All Wars begin with False Flags. JFK to 911-Everything’s a Rich Man’s Trick.  JFK Assassination Solved – Part Two David Oates, Jim Marrs, Jeff Rense.  Kay Griggs interviewed by Jeff Rense Veritas Radio – Mike King – Hour 1 of 2 – The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War 2 Dennis Wise: The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 Part 1…/StudentsTheHolocaustAndFreeSpeech Ernst Zundel interviewed by Black Law Student. The Khazarian Mafia, Black Nobility & World Domination, Dr. James Fetzer & Preston James, PhD.
Song Bird Insane McCain and John Kerry (Kahn) covered up and closed files on American POW’s known to be alive. John Kerry’s family received a real estate commission from every piece of land sold in Vietnam. John McCain’s father, Admiral McCain covered up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty and threatened surviving sailors with court martial if they talked. John McCain Adm. McCain covers up attack on USS Liberty. Ralph Nader on McCain & USS Liberty. JFK to 911-Everything’s a Rich Man’s Trick. Jeff Rense with Preston James Zionism. Mind Control Kevin Barrett and Preston James 9/23/16. Richard Dolan on false flags with Janet & Sasha Lessin. Michelle Obama Pedophile entrapment.… Chris Rock on John McCain. Sex, Lies and Julian Assange. Isis, Brian Lamp CSpan. Isis, Daryl Bradford Smith. Fletcher Prouty. Daryl Bradford Smith Jewish political plans follow biblical prophesies. All Wars are Banker’s Wars – Mike Rivera Full. Daryl Bradford Smith Scofield Bible. His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson Bishop Williamson on Liberalism & Communism Bishop Williamson – Holocaustianity – Truth….or Consequences Vatican II Chess_A_Good_Bishop with Nick Kollerstrom 2010.  JFK Assassination Solved – Part One Reverse Speech with David Oats, Jim Marrs & Jeff Rense. Eustace Mullins – The Curse of Canaan (Full Show). Demonic Attacks Against Ted & Allyn Pike. Part 1 of 2 – In Memory of Alynn Pike (2012).
Bush: The Dirty Secrets of George Bush Daryl B. Smith Ottoman Empire. – 6 million Jews in Newspapers. Learn the Truth of WW2 – Eisenhower’s death camps. FREE Ursula Haverbeck! Learn the truth of WW2 : The Genocide of Germany Dennis Wise.
Masons:… The teSecret Masonic Victory of WW2 – Documentary trailer Dennis Wise 2017 Dennis Wise: The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 Part 1 The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 2(Germany Weimar) The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 3. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two : Part 4. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (Spain) Part 5. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two(Mexico 1) PART 6. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two(Mexico 2) Part 7.… The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (Satanism)Part 8. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (Boer War) Part 9. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 10. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two(Ireland) Part 11. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part Twelve. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 13. Dennis Wise.  The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 14 Dennis Wise.   OSS Veteran Paul Fisher on Freemasonry’s hostility to the Catholic Church, Parts 1 & 2.  Catholic Parents Online: Freemasonry (Parts 1, 2 & 3).  Freemason Converts to Catholicism and Exposes the Diabolic Cult of Freemasonry.…/video-how-churchill-lied-abou…/ Israel: Apocalypse in Golestan E. Michael Jones & Peter Helland. William Cooper – The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League #1 (Full Length). Jesus & the Anti Christ, Jews & the Gay Agenda Brother Nathaniel. The First Holocaust : The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure
“ THE JEWISH GAS CHAMBER HOAX Rudolf report with Jim Rizoli Ernst Zundel, Doug Christie and Jim Keegstra in Calgary. Jew Shock. When Whites are Deceived and Believe Jewish Lies Pete McCloskey ‘The machinations of the ADL.…/video-jews-use-blacks-muslims…/. The Allies Killed Millions of Germans AFTER the War Brian Ruhe & Paul Fromm. James Bacque – WWII, Hidden history and Other Losses Deanna Spingola- The Secret History of World War II. The Shrine to German Bashing Ernst Zundel interviews Ingrid Rimland (1998) Ernst Zundel – ‘Kidnapped’ from America and how it was done..!! New World Order Jewess Theresa May is Rothschild’s puppet. The Goyum know. Brandon Martinez with Henrik Palmgren in Red Ice Radio, ‪March 2‬, 2016.Palmgren: “Brandon Martinez – Neocon Globalism & Kalergi’s Plan to Genocide Europeans March 2, 2016 Christopher Jon Bjerknes-Secrets of the Sabbatean Frankists.… – The Balfour Declaration Jonathan Schneer.…/red-ice-radio-022216-chris… Christopher Jon Bjerknes & Red Ice Parts 1 and 2, Pt. 1- Einstein Pt 2 White Genocide. David Duke Jews and Slavery.… Wilson – Daryl Bradford Smith & Christopher Jon Bjerknes Balfour Declaration. Christopher Jon Bjerknes & Daryl Bradford Smith Israel has declared war on humanity.… Jon Bjerknes & Daryl Bradford Smith Planned Annihilation of the Gentile Races. Jon Bjerknes & Charles Giuliani Albert Einstein.… Jon Bjerknes Jewish Role in Armenian Genocide. Christopher Jon Bjerknes & Daryl Bradford Smith the Rothschilds & their Moshiach. Christopher Jon Bjerknes Secrets of the Crypto Tribe Jews (Sabbatean & Frankist). Christopher Jon Bjerknes Hour 2 with Red Ice Radio on destruction of Europe. Christopher Jon Bjerknes Zionist Massacres 1913-2016.… Jon Bjerknes with Jeff Rense Russia, Israel & the Middle East fromJuly 2007.… Jon Bjerknes with Jeff Rense Dec. 2007. Morgenthau Plan. Michael Tsarion- War on Anglo-Saxon Inventiveness by the Zionists and the Vatican. The Truth – Rothschild and the Khazar Empire. Jews 102: The Jewish Strategy of Lying. HISTORY: Jewish Slavetrade Documentary Khazars full video…/video-the-jews-tried-to-kill-…/ Jan Lamprecht. David Icke on the New World Order. Michael Tsarion Manipulation of Mankind. Sheriffs across America rise up against Obama Regime. Bobby Fischer… Jack Otto-The Truth-Rothschild and Khazar History. Jack Otto Final Radio show before his death 8/07. Hidden Secrets of Money 4. The Rothschild Empire-The True Leaders of Planet Earth. Ancient Blood Conspiracy.… All Wars are Bankers Wars. (7 videos). JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. Eustace Mullins, Randy Atkins & Daryl Bradford Smith. Eustace Mullins with Daryl Bradford Smith how Rothschilds created Israel. Eustace Mullins Murder by Money. Eustace Mullins Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Eustace Mullins Last Interview 2005.… Eustace Mullins Zionist AntiChrist will rule the New World Order. Kay Griggs: Colonel’s wife tells all.(1 of 4).… Eustace Mullins-The New World Order (Full).… Gary Null Death by Medicine. Aides Conspiracy is real 2016. Eustace Mullins Who are the Quacks, AMA on Trial. Eustace Mullins Murder by Injection. Kevin Galalea Methods of Depopulation. Kevin Galalea Global Depopulation. Dr. Leonard Coldwell Every cancer can be cured in weeks. David Icke Agenda 21. Ursula Haverbeck Destroys the Lie of Ages.… Fred Leuchter with Jim Rizoli 2015. Jim Rizoli with Red Ice. Common Core with Dr. Duke Pesta.… Fred Leuchter and Ernst Zundel. Faurisson in Vichy – how I became a Revisionist w Ernst Zundel. Robert Faurisson – My Revisionist Method. Robert Faurisson – a Revisionist Life – part 1 of 4 (1990). Robert Faurisson – a Revisionist Life – part 2 of 4 (1990). Robert Faurisson – a Revisionist Life – part 3 of 4 (1990). Eyewitness to Theresienstadt; Ernst Zundel and Alexander McClelland.…/video-whites-go-into-high-gea…/…/the-holocaust-m…/ Holocaust-myth-is-over US Reporter in Syria Eva Bartlett. Daryl Bradford Smith and Muhammad Rafeeq Oct.2015. – Judea Declares War on Germany. What famous people think about Zionism. –Ole Dammegard Making Critical Thinking Illegal. Monika Schaefer with Red Ice Ritual Defamation.…/video-to-my-niece-nephew-why-…/ HOAX LIE Jim Rizoli. Jim Rizoli’s Alternative to Youtube Channel. EUROPA The Last Battle Part 8 The Holocaust Eli Wiesel and the Holocaust Fraud. David Cole. Peeky Truth 6 million lies..  Jim Traficant: The Jewish Deception. David Irving on Hitler. ‪1940 German Road‬ Workers Trip to Occupied Poland.… Hitler’s Laws of the SS. Léo Marjane & Paris sous l’Occupation, 1942 Berlin 1936. München 1939 (unkommentiert & in Farbe) Zeitgeschichte live Eustace Mullins & Daryl Bradford Smith – Why Rothschilds created Nazism. What Historians fail to mention about WWII. Mark Weber on Hitler. Eustice Mullins Hitler and the Central Banks.… Eustice Mullins with Daryl Smith Rothschild Israel. –marching to Zion. ExIsraeli solder speaks truth. Gwynith Todd Israeli General’s son. Brandon Martinez/Red Ice Isis. Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro and Gilad Atzmon Illan Pappe Israeli Myths.…/hillary-clintons-criminal-past-is-…/ Hillary Clinton. Anti-Semitism, it’s a trick, we always use it. Michael Collins Piper with Jeff Rense. Alison Weir Oct. 2014. Alison Weir 2013. Michael Collins Piper on Joe Kennedy. Michael Collins Piper on Vladimir Putin. Eustice Mullins Not for the Immature Eustice Mullins Clinton’s place in the NWO. Eustice Mullins on AMA Rockefeller. Michael Tsarion Daryl Bradford Smith Ottoman Empire. Ben Freedman 61 Speech. Judea Declares War on Germany… –The Greatest Story Never Told Part 5.… – The Greatest Story Never Told Part 7.… What Historians fail to mention about WWII. Babylon before Hitler. –What the Jews did to Germany they are now doing to the US. – Ernst Zundle, a Jew speaks of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Jeff Rense with Harry Cooper on Hitler. Persecution of holocaust Revisionists. David Irving – Churchill’s War (complete) Germany off your knees Ernst Zundle. Hellstorm the real victims of WWII. Dresden 1945 Allied “judeo Anglo-American unpunished War Crimes.. David Irving on Winston Churchill. Hitler Uncensored Mike Walsh. Michael Tellenger on the Boer War. Dr. John Coleman. The TRUE STORY of Adolf Hitler & The Third Reich – AUDIO – Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps. Forgotten Genocide of Ethnic Germans. Diane King Interviews Rosemarie Rohrbach, July 2016 Toronto Canada Another embarrassing attempt to debunk TGSNT! Adolph Hitler, Dennis Wise. Diane Kings interview with three German Survivors Toronto Canada Learn the Truth of WW2 – Eisenhower’s death camps German Survivors of Allied Atrocities, Rese, July 2016 Rese. LOER, Jim and Diane Interview Mike Walsh, Mar 23, 2018 3 The Holocaust and Cognitive Dissonance. The Greatest Story Never Told – Full Movie (Banned In 22 Western Countries). Fritz Berg on Jewish Racism Diane King interviews Christian Klein, Toronto, Canada, July 2016 Jim Rizoli Interview with John Friend Harold Wallace Rosenthal 1976 interview. Second World War ‘The True Story’ untold. Adolf Hitler The greatest story Never told Full 6 hours Documentary Danube Germans. Hellstorm, series of documentaries. Jack Arnold Rothschild and Khazar. The Crown and The Reich, the War that never ended. Communism through the back door.. Germar Rudolf, Persecution of Revisionist.…/german-television-exposes-h…/ Holohoax. Holocaust Truthers vs the liars. Vatican Rules the Planet. 1400 shocking years of Islam in 5 minutes – Muslims are scared of this!!! David Rockefeller 911 April 3, 1967.
Clintons: Bill Clinton Murders. Clinton Body Count + 5 in just 6 Weeks. Hillary Clinton Laughing at Dead Americans. Red Ice Henrik and Lana on Alt Right response to Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech. Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters, Full. Hillary’s True Face. Jeff Rense & Larry Nichols The Truth about Hillary & 2016 Pt. 1.… New Clinton Chronicles.… New Clinton Chronicles. A. True Ott with Henrik Palmgren Red Ice 2013. – Charles Giuliani Eli Wiesel is a Fraud. James Perloff-Pearl Harbor FDR. Ugly truths in the Talmud. Jim Keith with Jeff Rense on Mind Control. Talmud, Secret Society. Daryl Bradford Smith Shabbetai Tzvi 2006. Daryl Bradford Smith Shabbetai Tzvi Usury 2010. David Icke & Arizona Wilder Revelations of a Mother Goddess. Jim Condit, Jr. Zionist takeover of the Catholic Church. Michael Collins Piper interviews Jim Condit, Jr. Nurnberg Trials, Mark Weber. Daryl Bradford Smith-Jewish Nazis.… Eustice Mullins- Nazis were Sabatean Jews. Nicholas Kollerstrom Breaking the Spell. Nicholas Kollerstrom. Nicholas Kollerstrom with Brandon Martinez. Nicholas Kollerstrom. Dr. Revilo P. Oliver What we owe our parasites 1968. Jewish Professor part 2. Jim Rizoli & Peter Papaherarkles.
Russia: – harvest of despair. Jura Lina The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism not mentioned in school. Jura Lina Jewish Hand in Bolshevism not mentioned in school. Revolution auf Deutsch. Soviet Gulags used for the extermination of Russian Christians. Drawings of Soviet Jew run Gulags. Jewish Bolshevik Revolution. The Communist Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Shocking Truth, Jewish Zionists-Communists. (Faces of) Communists Jews of Russia and Eastern Europe. The Secret behind Communism. The Bloody History of Communism pt 1. Daryl Bradford Smith on Russia. Soviet Attacks against the Church. Communist Russia’s war against the Orthodox Church. Daryl Bradford Smith Russia. Daryl Bradford Smith Russia. Murders. Jewish Soviet Leaders. Bolschevick Jews killed 100 mainly White Christians. Jewish Zionist-Communist Bolsheviks. Russian Cannibal Island. Operation Keelhaul 1945 History of the Jews in Russia – The Russian-Jewish Revolution – Part 1. History of the Jews in Russia – The Russian-Jewish Revolution – Part 2 Jews for Hitler, he says that Germans did bad things to Jews, don’t know if the rest of his history is true.…/video-evalion-why-hitler-wasn…/ Diane King interview with Paul Fromm June 2017 Paul Fromm – ‘Racial violence against Whites: Whites Under Attack in America and South Africa” Karl Richter – The situation in Germany today Massacre at Dachau and other Allied war crimes EUROPA The Last Battle Part 8 The Holocaust.
Slavery: Ignorant and Disgraceful. Blacks owned slaves. 40% of Freed Blacks owned slaves, 60% of (((Jooz))) owned slaves, and Blacks in Africa caught, and Muslims and (((Jooz))) DID the Slave Trade. Whites were more enslaved than Blacks. 1% of Whites owned slaves and WHITES ENDED the SLAVE TRADE. Isis = Israeli Secret Intelligence Services and Isis is enslaving people now. There are open air slave markets in Libya. It was Clinton and the Rothschild Khazarian Cabal who bombed Libya and killed Khadafi. The TRUTH about Slavery, “WHAT is TRUTH” Jim & Joe Rizoli. Connect The Dots, Feb 2017, Slavery, Jim Rizoli Intro, Black Opinion, Diane King. Germar Rudolf’s slide show about the alleged Nazi gas chambers. Photographic evidence vs the holocaust Ernst Zundel & John Ball. The True Story of German-Jewish Relations part 1 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German-Jewish Relations part 2 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 3 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 4 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 5 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 6 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German-Jewish Relations part 7 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 8 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 9 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 10 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German Jewish Relations part 11 Ernst Zundel. The True Story of German-Jewish Relations part 12 (final) Ernst Zundel.
I think it was Eustace Mullins who said that every German Chancellor, and maybe other high ranking leaders of Germany, since WWII were (((Jooz))).
Ernst Zundel does not say that Konrad Adenauer was a (((Joo))) but he certainly acted like a (((Joo))) and if you read his bio just on Wikipedia, he seems
To be a Crypto (((Joo))). If Adenauer was the Mayor of Cologne in Weimar Germany, he was a (((Joo))), if he was kicked out of office under Hitler and the National Socialists, he was a (((Joo))). Ernst Zündel’s 2015 Interview at First International Identitarian Congress in Mexico. Hear the song that got her arrested in Britain… and why Ian Millard – ‘The Zionist Assault on freedom of Expression in England’ Hitler visits Oprah (anti-propaganda productions) with Mike King. The Holocaust Debunked Terror of the 20th Century & Today [Kyle Hunt and Mike King] Kyle Hunt interview Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Creations The Great Jewish Mask Pt. 2. Dispatches-spinning terror England. Myron Fagan.…/2015/R314-150818.php David Duke on Red Ice Radio. Michael Tsarion Druids Michael Tsarion –All Luciferians, all Cult of Aton.… Michael Tsarion Origins & Oracles. Joseph Atwell Roman Plot Jesus Red Ice.…, Hannuka, Kwanza Redice. Red Ice Christmas. The Truth About the Jews. Teaching Whites about Jews 2. The Great Jewish Mask Pt. 3. Mass Immigration is Organized to exterminate the White Race. Islamic Connection to Rome. Sage of Quay Radio – Jordan Maxwell – Judaism, The Moon and Saturn (Feb 2018) Ashkenazi Jews of Khazaria – A History by Gaylon Ross. The Jews of Khazaria Jewish Biography as History Dr. Henry Abramson. Who do you trust – Alex Jones, David Icke, Michael Savage, Dr David Duke or Dr William Pierce?.flv Bob Whitaker & Tom Bowie – The US Presidential Candidate Fighting White Genocide – Hour 1 Communism through the back door.. “Was Jesus a Nazorean?” – A talk by Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom FROM COMPARET TO MULLINS Jeff & Michael Springmann – Goodbye, Europe? Brandon Martinez ~ Zionist Intrigues 1900-2016. Setting the Record Straight with Ernst Zundel. . Auschwitz – Did 4 million really die? Ernst Zundel and David Cole. Ernst Zundel at University of Alabama, Huntsville 1994. (Nurnberg Trials). Ernst Zundel Revisionist Update 2000. Alfred Schaefer’s letter to the German Police – Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps. James Bacque – Other Losses: Death of Millions of German Prisoners After World War II…/BBC1945TheSavagePeaceAtrocitiesAgains… There are some lies here, but they can’t disguise a lot of truth. (With this last one, you see old men who dressed in what looked to me like their Sunday best. They were probably called out by the (((Joo))) Communist “Authorities”” only to be mowed down with their women, and then the trucks drove over them to make sure there were no survivors and to destroy the bodies. You can even see one man praying.) Life in Germany After World War 2, part 1 (720p) BBC Newsreel. Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage) Berlin zur Kaiserzeit – Glanz und Schatten einer Epoche (ganzer Film in HD) Irving’s Rommel part 1 of 2 Irving’s Rommel part 2 of 2…/video-uk-cowardly-fiendish-je…/ Ecccoautist – Questioning the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Black Ops Operator Comes Forward And Tells All:Cody Snodgres Holocaust: Shifting the Blame – Part 1 The Holocaust: Shifting the Blame – Part 2…/video-napoleon-jews-guilty-pr…/ Video: Napoleon: Jews are GUILTY until proven Innocent!
South Africa: Between Heaven and Hell – The True Story of Whites in South Africa – Full Movie 2016 / 2017. Karin Smith – The Real Story of South Africa Boer Project: South Africa A reversed Apartheid? This has Simon Roche of Suidlanders, and he and the Soidlanders were identified as frauds who don’t help White People and just steal money. Simon Roche was also identified as being a French (((Joo))). Inside South Africa’s White Displacement Camps.…/video-sa-whites-only-country-…/. The Truth In South Africa Pt.1. Inside South Africa’s White Displacement Camps. South Africa’s Farm Murders: Jeanine’s Story. Witness – Hillbrow: Between Heaven and Hell.… Communist ((Joo)) Gun running. Secret Safari.  The Lesson Of Amy Biehl by Dr. William Luther Pierce.  The Lesson Of Africa by Dr. William Luther Pierce.  The Lesson Of South Africa by Dr. William Luther Pierce.
Rhodesia/Zimbabwe:  Zimbabwe (Liberal Consequences) by Dr. William Luther Pierce.  Horror In Rhodesia by Dr. William Luther Pierce.
Haiti:  The Lesson Of Haiti by Dr. William Luther Pierce.
Yugoslavia: Srebrenica the myth, what really happened Dutch Anarchy.Does anyone see a pattern? The (((Jooz))) kill farmers as in Russia, Ukraine, all over Southern Africa, White Aryans, woman, children, unarmed men, they lie and say there are other victims, but they can never produce the bodies, and cite false modesty about the bodies, just like the (((Jooz))) did with the fake (((Jooz))) WWII Holocaust victims. The Jews also have kangaroo courts where they torture and get people to give false witnesses under threats.… The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 – Documentary trailer Dennis Wise 2017 Dennis Wise: The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 Part 1 The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 2. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 3. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two : Part 4. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (Spain) Part 5. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two(Mexico 1) PART 6. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two(Mexico 2) Part 7.… The Secret Masonic Victory of WWII(Satanism)Part 8. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (Boer War) Part 9. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War II (Yugoslavia) Part 10. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two(Ireland) Part 11. The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part Twelve.  The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 13.  The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 14.  The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 15. How the World was Fooled 5. Dennis Wise. How the World was Fooled 6. Dennis Wise. Mike King – Hour 1 – Yazidis(Aryans), World War II Untangled & Degeneracy of the West. The Synagogue Of Satan 1974 – 1990. The Synagogue of Satan 2002~2011.
White People are Israel: Eli James, Part 1, True Israelites are the Anglo Saxons. Eli James, Part 2, Jews or Israelites? VOCI 140810 The Wheat And The Tares.… so chosen people 7 parts. The Not So Chosen People part 1- Jews for Hitler. (reuploaded) The Not So Chosen People part 1.…/video-banned-jewish-holocaust…/ Jan Lamprecht…/video-banned-jewish-holocaust…/ Jan Lamprecht The Not So Chosen People part 2. Jews for Hitler. The Not So Chosen People part 3 *The Greeks* The Not So Chosen People part 4 *The Phoenicians* Jews for Hitler. THE MISSING YEARS AND WHY May 3, 2008. “Marching to Zion” | The Jews Exposed.  Truth Hertz with Charles Yahweh’s Sick Sycophants [Truth Hertz]…/video-direct-from-germany-jew…/ Alfred Schaefer w Jan.…/video-what-hitler-tried-to-te…/ Jan Lamprecht THE MOB ON STEROIDS (the rise of the zionist state) Nicholas DeVincenzo. WHO CONTROLS THE U.S. GOVERNMENT? Johnny Gat Trump’s War In Syria, What You Need To KnowJohnny Gat
Medicine: Eustace Mullins, Murder by Injection. How to Find the Truth about Vaccines Dr. John Bergman. DR BERGMAN – VACCINES DID NOT WIPEOUT POLIO OR SMALLPOX.
US Civil War: Rothschild’s and the Civil War, Part1. Rothschild’s and the Civil War, Part2. Rothschild’s and the Civil War, Part3.
Ireland:  Kyle speaks to Chris Fogarty, publisher of ‪‬ and author of Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept it “Perfect”. Full 5G satanic agendas exposed urgent download B4 it is removed-Joe Imbriano tells all.
Kalergi Plan: Fast information on Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi .. repaired versionDennis Wise. Brandon Martinez – Neocon Globalism & Kalergi’s Plan to Genocide Europeans – Hour 1 Red Ice. Somalis in Minnesota Steal Millions in Welfare Scam, Money Goes To Terrorists.
Sweden: Ingrid Carlqvist – Scandal in Sweden When Ingrid Questions the Unquestionable.
Homosexuality: Henry Makow – Zionism, Contrived Wars & Feminism Older interview from 2009 & 2011 with Henrik from Red Ice, Makow still believed in a holocaust, but there are some good insights here. Homosexuality in The Jewish State – Texe Marrs with Jeff Rense from 2015. Eustace Mullins – Homosexuality in Secret Societies. Henry Makow ~ The Illuminati & Homosexuality. Texe Marrs & Henry Makow on The Illuminati. Jesus & the Anti Christ, Jews & the Gay Agenda Brother Nathaniel Kapner. Brother Nathanael Kapner || Nathaniel 2018: Spingola Speaks Interviews. Deborah Traveris Stop the Who’s Running America and the CAP.
Emergency Banking Act of 1933 March 9, 1933 (Purim?) .
Judea Declares War on Germany March 24, 1933 (Purim?) Full Text…/…/JewsDeclareWarOnGermany1933_djvu.txt. What Hitler Said About The Western Campaign.
Venice: Venetian Oligarchy. Eustace Mullins – The Secret of Iraq. Eustace Mullins – Clinton’s Place in the New World Order. Illuminati Defector ‘Mary Ann’ Interviewed by Henry Makow for RBN. *Must Watch* 1993 William Cooper And 32nd Degree Freemason Expose The Craft? The story of a Freemason paedophile ring – the tip of an iceberg still waiting to be fully told. This is very long and has a lot of information, including about an hour on Jimmy Savile and other high ranking British pedophiles, including one guy blaming the Germans for child murders occurring in Royal’s boats off Jersey which seemed like bs to me unless the “Germans” were actually (((Jooz))), not sure I bought it, a very long segment on a 55 year old Dutch Satanic Torture survivor how names Rabbi Schnearson, a Catholic Cardinal, Queen Beatrix, says she was tortured at one of Bavarian King Ludvic’s castles. Another segment on a survivors of Bohemian Grove naming usual suspects George Bush, Sr., Robert Byrd, Pope Ratzinger, Arlin Spector, Barney Frank, Warren Buffet, Lt. Michael Aquino was the master of cerimonies.
.   Journalists And Canadians by Dr. William Luther Pierce.  The Campaign Against Hate by Dr. William Luther Pierce.  The Genocide At Vinnitsa by Dr. William Luther Pierce.  Our Biggest Mistake by Dr. William Luther Pierce from 2002.

The so called “Jews” are Edomite, Canaanites from Idumea, (NOT of Israel or of Judah) where they were defeated in 125 B.C. by King John Hyrcanus II in Idumea. John Hyrcanus was the LAST REAL King and High Priest of Judah. “For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea, (Jewry, Idumea is just Greek for Edom) and upon the people of my curse, to judgment.” Isaiah 34:5. (“Esau-Edom is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41.).

But, unlike King David of Judea who “killed all the Jews for God” 3000 years ago in First Kings 11:14-17, King John Hyrcanus II forced those Canaanite Jews “to become Judeans” that year! That was 40 YEARS AFTER the First Hanukkah of 165 B.C. that the lying Communist Jews had NOTHING to do with! Just like “Jews” had NOTHING to do with “the Cleansing of the Sanctuary” (Daniel 8:14) that the Maccabees did, who were NOT “Jews” as taught by ALL of your lying: “Christian Antichrist Jew worshiping Pastors” teach today.

Jews were “not there” for the first Passover in Egypt. “Not there,” for the crossing of the Red Sea (they were all up in Edom then, and they blocked us and Moses for taking a “short cut” threw Edom” on our way to the “Promised Land” that demon seed “Edomite Jews” never had anything to do with!

All of your “Christian Pastors” are lying for the Antichrist, Communist, so called Edomite “Jews!”

“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? (All Jews) He is antichrist, (Jewish) that denieth the Father and the Son.” Saxon Christ said that jews were all: “liars, thieves, and murders” and “the children of the devil” in John 8:44, yet those idiots think that “Jesus was a Jew!” That takes a “special king of stupid!”

Judahite non-Jew Saxon Christ spent His teenage and 20’s in South West England at His uncle Joe’s tin mines near Glastonbury! Jeremiah’s tomb is in Ireland you idiot 8th Beast “Communist Edomite Jew” worshiping “Christians.”


“Esau-Edom is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41.

Edomites (Jews) are the Canaanites that King David spent six months “KILLING JEWS FOR GOD” in First Kings 11:14-17 in Edom, 3,000 years ago, but Hadad, Prince of Edom (Jewry) escaped to Egypt.

“Israel need not apologize for the assassination (of JFK) or destruction of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for any country is the protection of its people.” Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997.

“Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew an “Israelite” or a “Hebrew.” Jewish Almanac 1980, p. 3. (Jews all know they are frauds and Demon Seed).

“Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.” Rabbi Stephen S. Weiss. (1935).
“Anti-Communism is Anti-Semitism.” Jewish Voice, July – August 1941.

“As it is written,
Jacob (Israel/WHITES) have I loved, but
Esau (Jewry) have I hated.”

All Israel shall be saved:
Romans 11:26.
“I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (The White Race of Europe) where demon seed “Jews” (Edomites from Idumea) were ejected from 109 countries for their “Organized Crimes Against Humanity.”

“For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea, (Jewry) and upon the people of my curse, (Jews) to judgment.” Isiah 34:5.

(Idumea, is just Greek for Edom/Jewry).

“There is no Jew who does not hope with all his heart that the Soviet Union will survive and be victorious.” Zionist Review, September 26, 1941, page 7. (Karl Marx was a jew, Butcher Lenin was a jew, Stalin was a jew, FDR was a Jew, Ike was a Jew Commie himself who murdered General Patton).

“If the tide of history does not quickly turn toward Communism then the Jewish race is doomed.” George Marlen, 1937.

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined…
They are the gravest threat to our national security.”
— Admiral Bobby Inman Former Deputy Director of the CIA.

“The people of God’s Curse” (Jews/Idumeans/Edomites) Isaiah 34:5.

Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” Rabbi Reichorn, Chief Rabbi of France, 1859.

“Do not let the forces of evil take over to make this a Christian Nation.” US Senator Howard Metzenblum, Jewish, (D. Ohio).

Judaism is Judaism because it rejects Christianity … What is usually referred to as the “Judeo-Christian Tradition” exists only in the Christian or secularist fantasy.” Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits, Judaism in the Post-Christian religions.

But these are not all. We consider the two religions so different that one excludes the other.” “…we emphasized that there is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian religion … there is not any similarity between the two concepts.” Rabbi Moshe M. Maggal, letter of August 21, 1961.

“…they (the Jews) are the enemies of God and Jesus Christ… in there daily prayers they curse the Savior under the name of the Nazarene…” Abram Leon Sachar, A History of the Jews (1968) pp. 124-125.

“The most dangerous enemy of the Jewish religion (Talmudist) was …in the Middle Ages the religion of … Christianity.” Moses Hess, Rome and Jerusalem, 1862, (reprint 19580 P. 35.

Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel (Judaism), .. meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world… and our conquests over the enemy – Christianity.” Rabbi Reichorn, 1869.

“At the wished-for hour, fixed in advance, we (Jews) shall let loose the Revolution which by running all classes of Christianity will definitely enslave the Christians to us.” Rabbi Reichorn, 1869. Funeral Oration for Grand Rabbi Simeio-ben-Bruds, published in La Vielle France, 10 March 1921.

The American people have been led to believe that the Jews are ‘God’s chosen people.’ This myth was started by a small group of Jews… Leading the cry, “We are God’s Chosen People” are the Zionist/Marxist (Ashkenazi) Jews who for political purposes chose Judaism and who don’t have a drop of biblical Jewish blood in them…” Jack Bernstein, (Anti-Zionist Jew in Racist Marxists Israel (The Noontide Press 1984) pp. 15-17.

“Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer, so I wasn’t lying – and we are his chosen people.” Harold Wallace Rosenthal, 1976.

“We who have posed as Saviors of the World … we (Jews) are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, it’s incendiaries, its executioners .. We who have promised to lead you to a new heaven, we have finally seceded in leading you into the new hell.” Dr. Oscar Ludwig Levy, Preface to the World Significance of the Russian Revolution 1920.”

“I am a Zionist.” Rev. Jerry Falwell, on the Old Time Gospel Hour, January 27, 1985. (The Jews bought Jerry Falwell a Lear Jet, and built him a private airport).

“We will find our most fertile field for infiltration by Communists within the field of religion, because religious people will swallow anything if it is hidden in religious terms.” Vladimir Lenin, Jew founder of the Soviet Socialist USSR. (Murderer of 35 million White Israelite Christians).

They (the Jews) commit the atrocities and blame the victim as the aggressors.” Noam Chomsky.

“Will there ever be criminal trials for the Jewish Communist Revolutionaries responsible for the murders of over 150 million people in the 20th Century?”

Adolf Hitler was the greatest Christian in 2000 years since Saint Paul! Sadly, he had no “Gas Chambers” for demon seed Jews. The Holohoax is a total LIE by “demons in shoe-leather” that we call “Jews” today.

Reprint: Salient Interviews Colin King-Ansell (1970)

The Ice Bloc

This three page interview was the center-piece of the feature on the far right Salient published in 1970 (the rest of which is here). A fair chunk of the article as it appears in the archive is unclear, I’ve done my best to work with the scan and clear it up. It took a while. King-Ansell is now the grand old man of New Zealand fascism, and to my knowledge is either still or was very recently the leader of the National Front.

Away back in the day he was arrested for bricking a synagogue in Auckland, for which he spent a few months in prison. The National Socialist Party of New Zealand (or New Zealand Nazi Party) was formed not long after he left prison, giving him the dubious honour of founding the first fascist party in New Zealand. After this interview, the NSPNZ gained some level of media…

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UNIVERSAL ORDER An interview with James Mason 2003


It has been said that truth doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes. Well, neither does James Mason. For the past 30 years, Mason has been stepping on most of the toes Western civilization keeps sacred; in fact, not only has he stepped on such toes, but has committed himself to outright crushing such altogether– so fervent is his belief in what he sees as the truth.

For James Mason (born and raised in Chillicothe, Ohio, in 1952), his truth arrived in his early teens when he first discovered Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, and was reinforced by figures like George Lincoln Rockwell (founder of the American Nazi Party in the 1960’s) and Joseph Tommasi (founder of terrorist underground group The National Socialist Liberation Front). Many years later, he experienced a similar revelation with the discovery of Charles Manson. For Mason these two men, Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson, moreso…

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Who Started World War II? – What they don’t want you to know

EUROPA - The Last Battle

In this thread, we will be exploring the truth about The Third Reich, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and the events leading up to World War 2, the most devastating European conflict in history. You will not learn this in school. The history of National Socialist Germany is perhaps the most obfuscated period in history, but the events during this era are vital in forming an understanding of what goes on to this very day.


Adolf Hitler is born in Austria to parents Klara and Alois Hitler, a simple, modest Austrian family. After both die, Adolf is left without any close connections or ties. However, he will go on to become one of the most influential figures in history.

Many years prior, in 1871, the newly formed German Reich, under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, became one of the first European nations to grant citizenship to the Jewish population. German…

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