Videos to watch

The Greatest Story Never Told
David cole: A young American Jew questions the gas chambers goes to auschwitz and interviews the director who states it is a reconstruction built by soviets to create evidence of mass gassing.

Ernst zundel: A well researched German pacifist who has fought tirelessly to question the blatantly fraudulent evidence provided. He was defence trial by jury the right to print and distribute his booklet ‘did 6 million really die?’

Defamation: An accidental secret look inside the ADL Anti Defamation League a private corporation working to increase awareness of Jewish interests. Filmed by a trusted Israeli they show inside the other side. – banned by ADL

Spielberg’s last days of the big lie: Where does Hollywood get their information? 100,000s of hours of testimony that proves the falseness to the claims of mass genocide.

Hitler vs Jew world order: Really starts to join the dots to see what is going on here..

Firestorm over Dresden: Previously bombing of civilians was considered a war crime.. Until allied bombing went on overkill.. The city of Dresden considered the art historical medical Capital had not been bombed and was considered somewhat immune to the war, allied planes utilised a new form of bombing dropping continuous bombs igniting huge areas creating fire tornadoes…3 days of bombing..

ADOLPH HITLER Greatest story never told

Synagog of Satan: actually a great speech by an ex Zionist about ww1 and ww2! He talks about how Zionists promised to bring America into a war to defeat the obvious victor as long as they are promised Palestine – it is like some random group giving a country to a club!!

Eisenhower death camps rign meadows: POW camps had been set up to take the expected prisoners of war, but Eisenhower decided to fence in empty paddocks and starve them all to death. Young and old living in dirt, no toilets no washing facilities – some without even a jacket… Was this to punish what hitler provided in his labour camps swimming pools medical care food money…NO DEATH CAMPS only Eisenhower did that!!

(Some Text)
Hellstorm Exposing the real genocide Germany


Jewish history

Money masters: The new way to enslave by a PRIVATE corporation…deception, smoke and mirrors confusion distraction and before you know it things have changed. This doco untangles the mess of our current enslavement by the federal reserve and other central banks.

Rockefeller the chemical industry get this the medical and cancer industry are private profiteering corporations doing their best to drum up business!

Axis of evil: This trumps any horror!! the truth is more scary than fairy tales.. (I disagree with references to Nazi & holocaust in this doco) 32:55 44:50 48:00 53:52 54:30 57:50 59:13 100:50

All WarsAre Bankers Wars:

‘the story of your enslavement :

The Corporation:

JFK to 911:

Zion elders protocols: This is an audio book reading of a book which had been ‘debunked’ but everyone will note that it is SPOT ON IN ACCURACY. So what do you think?

The Great British Mortgage Swindle #TGBMS
: Now the question is, what are we going to do about this big mess going forward? It is true ‘they’ have all the power in the form of money, but we the masses have the actual power their fake money is built on. When we choose not to support corrupt officials and immoral taxes funding genocide in other countries and debt created to drain labour value from the people by putting extra impossible mounting inflation fees cost of living on top of debt in money creation. Centralising then outsourcing means less money in communities – we have to wipe out this parasitic model of money creation and totalitarian control. 2hrs but well worth the watch if you are looking for real solutions!

Anyway what can we do about it? I think they are empowered by the masses, we CAN take back local industry – has anyone seen THE GREAT BRITISH MORTGAGE SWINDLE? it is 2 hours the 1st he talks about his family and how they were swindled by banks, had nothing more to lose so they fought the system and discovered some amazing precedent as to how this system is set up!! The 2nd hour he talks about how communities can fight back – find 250 members of the public to volunteer to work for the best interest of the community 25 upstanding citizen jury members 12 need to show up to convene a jury and hear the case the people or anyone has against – corrupt members of government or council etc, fraudulent mortgage debt collectors etc.. Arrest warrants can be issued..


Hitler on multiculteralism


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